Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dan Choi!

I don't know how to do this, or even how to say this, so I will be plain. I WANT TO LIVE IN A COUNTRY WHERE DAN CHOI IS THE PRESIDENT.

I cannot express in words how freaking disappointed I am with our current administration. Okay, I get it. You wanted to get some things done. Please explain to me: how did you get your things done BY MOTHERFUCKING THROWING YOUR BEST ALLIES UNDER THE MOTHERFUCKING BUS?!!!

So, bottom line, I'm done with our current administration. I want a REAL LEADER. I want someone who has proven himself to be past stupid partisanship be MOTHERFUCKING WALKING INTO the middle of the heat of battle, speaking the language of the enemy as well as our own. Who can trod over the halls of MF congress as well as MF business as well as MF whatever country wants to be recalcitrant.

Dan Choi is the best MF leader I have seen in the contemporary US. No fucking contest.

So seriously, all you, gay or straight, who want a real, ballsy leader who will take it to Congress or take it to whatever MF foreign soil needs it, DRAFT DAN CHOI FOR PRESIDENT 2012! I am not kidding, I mean it. We need a real leader! He has proven himself willing to serve his country over and over.

If you agree with me, the best way to start is this: #DanChoi2012 on Twitter. Let's build the meme, then build the steam. I want to believe again, don't you?

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